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Quick Facts

  • Revenue Share: 70%
  • Pricing Model: CPM
  • Ad Types: banner, pop under


Since its inception in 2003, Toronto-based Casale Media continues to exceed publisher expectations by providing a unique, comprehensive approach of track, analyze, optimize. Through the OPTIMAX tool, publishers utilize Casale Media's multi-faceted technologies, augmenting individual publisher campaign control with real-time statistics and adjustments. In addition to specializing in the traditional forms of site representation, specifically banner ads, Casale Media offers unique pop-under ads that appear "under" the viewed page as a separate browser window.


In addition to superior ad placement technology, Casale Media offers publishers the benefit of a generous, industry highest revenue share at 70%, which when coupled with the online advertising company's strictly CPM basis allows publishers to attain and surpass profit goals. Payment on a strictly CPM basis provides a cost-effective alternative to CPC and a consistent foundation when CTR is poor, ensuring publishers can depend on a more regular payout than is characteristic of volatile CPA networks. In addition, publishers possess the power to view and specify minimum values for CPMs in order to avoid minimum values that jeopardize the profitability of the CPM advertising approach.

Placement Technology

The OPTIMAX tracking and optimization tool facilitates the rapport that is the foundation of Casale Media's strong relationships with publishers. The tool represents the online advertising company's dedication to analytical technologies that determine optimal advertisement periods within a campaign to promote greater conversions and subsequently, maximized CPM rates. The custom web-based account interface is easily accessible and maneuverable as a result of a streamlined design that emphasizes important statistics and controls vital to publisher success. Also, the freedom to customize a variety of options for multiple websites through a single interface grants publishers greater campaign control. Two notable options available to publishers are the power to authorize manual or automatic approval of campaigns, and determine frequency capping. The latter prevents overexposure by minimizing oversaturation and conversely optimizing all-important conversion.


Casale Media maintains its strong business reputation by holding its publishing clientele to high eligibility standards not only at the time of application, but throughout the business relationship in order to ensure that advertisers receive only premium media quality. Despite rigorous application qualifications, the strong staff at Casale Media ensures quick application processing as well as expedient, free support response exemplifying the online advertiser's commitment to publisher freedom from fees, charges, or otherwise.

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