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Skimlinks has a fascinating business model. Instead of an affiliate having to join a myriad of affiliate programs, and keeping the code updated, they do it all for you. You simply join Skimlinks, and they take care of the linking automatically. All you have to do is to put a piece of javascript on your website and they handle the linking and redirecting automatically.

Detailed Review

While Skimlinks does make things substantially easier, they do take a cut for managing all these affiliate programs. However, due to their high volume of clients, usually the cut is more than made up by the fact that they are earning a higher percentage on affiliate traffic. Also, because it is in Skimlink's best interest to make sure that all links convert at the highest possible success rate, you can be assured that conversions will be good. I found their administrative interface to be attractive and fairly easy to use, although there are a few complexities that I needed to work out before implementing the code on my site. Also, given that certain web affiliate networks have high payment thresholds or close your account, this is a great way to offer a lot of products easily. I think the time saved is well worth the small commission in most cases.

Sample Links

I have enabled the Skimlinks javascript plugin on this page, and you can see how the linking system works for these industry standard websites.



Amazon Kindle Fire


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